Jul 17 2016

Available Asp.net core version of the Mvc Controls Toolkit Live Examples!

New 1.0.1 bugs fix release of the Mvc Controls toolkit! Available also Live Examples at this link!

Enjoy!  & Stay tuned

In a short time ajax update server grid and batch update server grid


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Sep 2 2010

Welcome to Dot Net Programming

Category: MiscFrancesco @ 07:00

I am Francesco: welcome to my blog! Very often during my job I have a hard time understanding hill documented or hard to find information on various subjects of dot net programming. It is incredible... but while some subjects are widespread in all blogs and tutorials on the web, some others are completely absent (also in the official documentation) and/or lack the ordered exposition needed by a professional to select the more adequate solution to his problem.

In this blog I shall expose for the benefit of all programmers the results of my efforts in discovering infos on subjects hard to find and in reorganizing into an ordered exposition subjects split in small pieces in the net and in the official documentation. I shall post as well the code samples I used in my experimentation.

This blog is also the place where I will share my ideas and contributions about various programming patterns and techniques.


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