May 9 2017

Customization And Localization Of ASP.NET Core MVC Default Validation Error Messages

Category: MVC | core | Asp.netFrancesco @ 00:25

This time my post has been published on the MSDN Blog! Enjoy it!.

………Moreover, the new validation provider architecture made it easy to override the default messages built-in, in the .Net validation attributes with customized default messages defined in resource files. This way, the user can provide global custom messages once and for all, thus avoiding the burden of having to specify an error message in each occurrence, of each attribute.This article goes into detail about how to customize both all ASP.NET MVC specific error messages, and all default messages coming from validation attributes……Read full article

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Jan 2 2017

Defining Custom Client Validation Rules in Core MVC

Category: | core | MVCFrancesco @ 22:15

This time my post has been published on the MSDN Blog! Enjoy it!

……..The way MVC handles client side validation has relied on unobtrusive validation since MVc 3. All client validation rules for each input field are extracted from various sources, including validation attributes, and the type of property to be rendered and encoded in the content of Html5 data…….Read full article

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Nov 20 2015

New Mvc6 Controls Toolkit

Category: TypeScript | JavaScript | MVC | Asp.netFrancesco @ 04:50

Web development changed dramatically in the last few years and the Mvc Controls Toolkit team run after all changes to offer a state of the art toolkit, but now it is time to redesign the whole toolkit from the scratch! JavaScript world evolved, and web applications reliy always more on client side techniques. New JavaScript frameworks appears and evolve quickly, thus the need of a better separation between server side and client side world. The new Mvc 6 Controls Toolkit answers to these new Web Development boundaries are: TypeScript, a better separation of JavaScript world coordinated with server side C# code through trans-compilation of C# classes and attributes, native support of the most common client side frameworks like Angular.js, and Knockout.js, and open support for other client side framework by means of providers,…and more!


Please leave you feedback on the specifications of the new Mvc 6 Controls Toolkit!



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