Screenshots of the Data Moving Plug-in on Actual Mobile Devices


Opening the standard detail window of a grid, changing a field and then undoing this change with the undo button.

screenshot_00296S screenshot_00301S screenshot_00316s screenshot_00323S screenshot_00324S


Editing a TreeView

screenshot_00121S screenshot_00127S screenshot_00128S screenshot_00130S screenshot_00133S


 Connected Lists on a Mobile Phone

screenshot_00339 screenshot_00345 screenshot_00349 screenshot_00353 screenshot_00354 screenshot_00357

Connected Lists on a Tablet

screenshot_00399 screenshot_00402 screenshot_00404 screenshot_00405

Plot editing with fingers on a mobile device

screenshot_00372 screenshot_00381 screenshot_00384 screenshot_00390 screenshot_00391

Plot Editing with fingers on a Tablet

screenshot_00439 screenshot_00441 screenshot_00442 screenshot_00443